Why choose us?


Working with wood is a
way to relax and develop

Your child will design and
create anything their
imagination may come up

Your child will learn
practical life skills that will
come in handy again and

Your child will love it!

Drilling, hammering, putting in screws and bolts allows each child to feel independent and grown up!

Using their creativity and imagination your child plans and makes their own creation – a wooden toy, a tool, and a brain teaser. Learning to use dangerous tools safely, working in a responsible and mature way, striving for the best result – all these important skills develop in our unique woodwork workshop classes.



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Develop your child's creativity and imagination by signing them up to one of our amazing classes in woodwork for children in Moscow. The Magic Castle Talent Academy offers a safe and secure environment for children to do woodwork for kids in Moscow, and is the perfect place for children who want to develop their practical skills. We believe that learning woodwork for kids in Moscow allows children to feel more independent and grown up! The skills that they will learn in these classes are skills which are transferrable and can be used outside of the classroom to help around the home. Trusting your child to learn "adult" skills like woodworking will help them to feel more responsible. All of our teachers of woodwork for children in Moscow have been trained to understand health and safety concerns. A large part of our classes focus on safety whilst woodworking, including learning how to work in a mature and responsible way, and learning how to use dangerous tools safely. Children are provided with all of the personal protective equipment that they need to allow them to work safely. At the Magic Castle Talent Academy, we know that woodwork for kids in Moscow allows children to develop their coordination skills, as well as boosting their practical abilities. We take the time to discuss the importance of good design when working with wood. Our teachers help children to develop their own ideas to produce amazing final designs. Projects can include wooden tools, toys, amazing brain teasers, sculptures and much more.