Why choose us?


занятия карате для детей в москве

Karate helps children to
control their emotions,
stay focused,
disciplined and goal-

занятия карате для детей в москве

This is the best
combination of cardio
and strength training

занятия карате для детей в москве

Children work
individually and in
pairs, using karate

занятия карате для детей в москве

Our students
participate in
competitions – internal,
city and international.

Martial Arts classes are not just about developing strength and coordination. It is a philosophy. Working with a
partner requires logic, stamina and will power.

Karate trainings in MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy cover all the
necessary skills and techniques for karate, integrating psychological training as part of the preparation.
We are proud of our students who participate and win in karate contests in Moscow and Russia.

Join us for a trial class and see for yourself!



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Give your children a thrill by sending them to karate classes for kids in Moscow at the Magic Castle Talent Academy. Our martial arts classes for girls and boys are timetabled in to allow your children to attend karate before or after practical subjects like science, language and woodwork. Our lessons in karate for kids in Moscow can be taken by children as young as 3 years old. Starting learning martial arts at a young age helps children to boost their physical development and improve their coordination skills. Karate for children in Moscow is not just to develop physical skills. Over time, karate classes help children to develop self-control, self-discipline and self-confidence. Within a few months, you will notice that your child is more focussed, serious and determined. All of the trainers who teach karate classes for children in Moscow at the Magic Castle Talent Academy are skilled professional teachers who know how to get the most out of the children in the group. They understand how to teach precision martial arts techniques without putting participants at any risk. Karate classed for children in Moscow are taught in groups of up to 10 children. These small class sizes allow children to receive the support and attention that they need to allow them to develop their skills and talents. Send your kids to one of our open classes in karate for children in Moscow at the Magic Castle Talent Academy. We will help them to nurture their new martial arts talents.