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футбол для детей на английском

A great way to release
extra energy on a big pitch

футбол для детей на английском

Team-building and

футбол для детей на английском

Native speaker coaches
from the UK

футбол для детей на английском

We know how to motivate
and inspire!

The game of football has always been a dream for boys. Football is team work, coordination, strength and stamina, a will to win and the strength to lose. Our girls also enjoy playing football and being part of a team. The game of football trains skills that are important in life and studies. Our coaches are from the UK – the birthplace of football – and therefore our Football club for children is also a chance for your child to practise English in a native speaking environment.Pricing is ranged from






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At the Magic Castle Talent Academy, we are pleased to be able to offer football for kids of Moscow. Help your children to develop their skills and their passion for the game by signing them up to one of our football skills sessions. Our training sessions in football for children of Moscow are led by coaches from the UK. As the birthplace of football, the UK has a beautiful tradition of producing coaches who understand every aspect of the game. Working with coaches from the United Kingdom will also give your children the opportunity to practice their English skills with native speakers. Our classes in football for children in Moscow will help to build individual football skills, to help to create players who can take on any role. Our training techniques will build strength, stamina and precision using internationally recognised training techniques. All of our exercises and training games are designed to help children to keep fit in a safe and healthy way. As well as being fun for boys and girls, our classes in football for kids in Moscow will help to give your children skills which can be used in their studies and throughout life. Football helps to build strategy, coordination and team-working skills in children. They will learn to crave victory, but to be gracious in defeat. Our matches and tournaments will help to give children a healthy competitive edge. Sign your children up for classes in football for kids at Moscow Magic Castle Talent Academy with skilled football coaches from the United Kingdom.