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Обучение детей вокалу в Москве в Академии талантов Magic Castle

Your child can start as early
as 4 years old.

Обучение детей вокалу в Москве в Академии талантов Magic Castle

Our teachers are among the
best vocal teachers in the

Обучение детей вокалу в Москве в Академии талантов Magic Castle

Preparation for Voice and
New Wave, participation in
concerts and events.

Acting skills, stage style and
choreography are part of the
vocal school pack.

MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy Singing School is

  • A professional music project
  • Well-recognized vocal coaches
  • Winning contests
  • Voice. Kids. preparation
  • Studio vocal recordings
  • Professional song videos
  • Creativity, fun and an unforgettable experience

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Do you wish to develop your child's natural voice and help them to find their musical ear? Do you want your kids to learn stage behavior and gain the confidence which is required to be a star? You can achieve all this and more with vocal classes for children at the Magic Castle Talent Academy, Moscow. Our vocal classes in Moscow are run by professional singing and stage coaches who understand how to help children to reach their full potential. The singing classes for children focus on breathing, posture, memory and the musical ear. These technical aspects are combined to help your child to improve their vocal talent and vocal range. The Talent Academy in Moscow fosters and improves the natural vocal talents of our children. Children who are signed up for vocal classes in Moscow will have the opportunity to perform in concerts and contests with their peers. These contests may be in-house at the Magic Castle Talent Academy or may involve some of our partner agencies from across Russia! Singing for kids in Moscow is one of our most competitive and enjoyable courses. Our vocal classes in Moscow are normally offered as part of a wider Talent Academy course, which includes different disciplines such as piano, solfeggio, dance and acting. These building blocks enable children to move onwards from performing and singing for kids in Moscow, through to achieving bigger performance dreams on a global scale. For professional vocal classes in Moscow, enroll your children in the Magic Castle Talent Academy.