LEGO Robolab

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A great way to use your favourite LEGO blocks and a tablet!

Develops attention, logic and spatial thinking

See result after the first class

The program is constantly updated and modified

LEGO Robolab is a class where children not only use their favourite LEGO blocks but learn to make their LEGO models move and follow directions.

Using their strategic thinking children choose from a range of things to make and program. Following instructions they assemble the model and, finally, see how their programming works in real life.

Every class there are different LEGO sets and programmes available, so children will use their creative thinking to make new shapes and models every class.



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Только посмотрите на эмоции нашей умнички!😍 Что может быть прекраснее детского смеха и гордости за своё достижение?🙏🏻 Напоминаем, что для детишек с 4 лет у нас есть класс по робототехнике! 📞 + 7 926 530 89 49 📩 . Just look at the emotions of our super smart girl! 😍 What could be better than child’s smile and pride in their achievement? 🙏🏻 We remind you that classes of robotics are welcoming children from 4 years old! 📞 + 7 926 530 89 49 📩

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Building with Lego is the new learning tool for kids at Magic Castle We all love Legos. Lego robots for kids are one of the most popular toys on sale in the market today. Legos, for children, in both blocks and sets, remain the top gift for generations. Lego robots for children are a fun way to both get them interested in building new things and also have fun with their creations in a way that is safe and productive. Building with Legos is an exercise in creativity. At a young age, children develop important motor skills and thinking abilities with Lego Robolab. Moscow city is proud to have Magic Castle. We offer Robolab classes for kids where children can learn how to build marvellous things with Legos. For kids, Legos represent a brand new way of thinking and problem solving which aids brain development. At Magic Castle, Robolab classes for children are where they learn many different strategies on how to put together Legos as well as the various kinds of things that they can create using Legos. It allows kids to express their imagination and creativity in a way that increases their productivity as adult citizens. Legos for children are one of the best gifts they can receive. Many prominent scientists have gone on record saying that they took up engineering and other sciences because Legos gave them the interest in making new things as kids. Join Magic Castle for the best Lego experience your kids can get.