Italian classes for children in Moscow


итальянской для дошкольников

Italian classes for little children is a great way to learn this sunny and melodious language. The programme is designed specifically to meet the needs of young children to play, to change activity and to learn in a natural environment.
Every class combines stories, active games, crafts, songs, rhymes and cooking. The exciting activities change every 10-15 minutes making each minute of the class enjoyable. We make sure that every child speaks Italian and feels good doing so.

Your child can start Italian classes at the age of 1-3 years old in groups of up to 6 children with parents.
Groups for older children 3-7 years old are without parents with up to 10 children in a group. The length of a class is 90 minutes.

Italian rhymes and poems for children

Italian songs for children


итальянский для школьниковItalian classes for school children continue our communicative programme and are aimed at developing all language skills – reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing. Together with academic work we always use a chance to practice Italian in creative activities, cooking, songs, role plays and other projects.


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