Chinese classes for children


китайский для дошкольников

Chinese is considered to be a language different from European languages – with subtle tones and beautiful characters. Our Chinese club for children is based on the idea of learning a language through play.
You will be surprised to see your child speaking some Chinese already after 1-2 months of classes. If your child is 1-3 years old you can attend classes together.
Every class of Chinese for children includes songs, rhymes, games, stories and calligraphy. Our teachers – native speakers of Chinese – use a communicative approach and Chinese is spoken all throughout the class. This allows young children to identify Chinese as a separate language and acquire it naturally.

For children 1 to 3 years old the length of classes is 60 or 90 minutes with up to 6 children with parents in a group. Children 3-7 years old have classes without parents and there are up to 10 children in a group.

Chinese rhymes and poems for children

Chinese songs for children



китайский для школьников

School children continue Chinese classes and start preparing for Chinese International exams. In our Chinese classes we not only read, write and speak in Chinese. We also celebrate Chinese New Year, travel to China for educational exchange and to practice our language, go out to Chinese restaurants and, generally, learn to understand China.
Our classes include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing and speaking activities and a lot more.


экзамены по китайскому

From the age of 8-9 years old MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy prepares children for international Chinese language exams HSK. There are two types of exam – a writing, reading and listening one and a separate speaking exam. We prepare our children to pass both kinds of Chinese language exams successfully.

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