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MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy in Moscow is an international English talent academy offering more than 30 talent classes for children from 2 to 14 years old. Our dance classes for children in Moscow range from classical and ballet dance to modern and street dance. The dance and choreography classes are taught by professional high-calibre trainers who can find ways to engage, motivate and inspire any child to achieve their best potential in these beautiful classes. Together with choreography your child can enjoy our vocal or music classes for children from the age of 3 years old. Piano classes for children in Moscow is a way to lay a great foundation for your child’s musical education and love of music. Classical as well as modern pieces – your child will be able to choose what they like to progress at their own pace towards personal growth and development of musical ability. Professional singing classes will be a chance for your child to discover their voice, develop breathing and vocal abilities to be used in singing to their heart’s content! Together with the other public performance classes Drama for children has proved to be both enjoyable and educational. In these classes play and work are the same and play is regarded as the best form of acting work. To play is to be in the motto of Flying Banana Drama School at MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy! For those who like to make things with their own hands rather than show off their talents there are our best creative classes - Cooking school, Woodwork, Art and Design and Science. Cooking classes in English for children in Moscow are not just putting sandwiches together – it is a project to learn about ingredients, spices, ways of cooking and national dishes of various countries. Art and Design studio for children include creative use of materials, knowledge about world-famous artists and their works, skilful use of painting and drawing techniques, collage and graphics. Even more practical pieces are made in MAGIC CASTLE Woodwork for kids. Toys, transport, kitchen utensils and decorations – you name it, your child can make it! The most magic surely happens in MAGIC CASTLE Science class – experiments with rare and commonplace things, making amazing scientific discoveries and taking a new look at ordinary things – all of this will make these classes unforgettable for your child. Sure leader among our classes are the popular Chess and Karate classes for children. Composure and patience, willpower and power of intellect – a great mix to use in the future!