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acting classes for children

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acting classes for children

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acting classes for children

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acting classes for children

Our acting classes are in
English and are a great way
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Our acting classes for children it is a chance for your child to feel confident talking to people and performing in public. Your child will learn to express and manage their emotions and communication.

Acting classes for children include games to develop logic, attention, coordination, speech and expression of thoughts in English or Russian depending on the class you join. Drama classes for children use classical and modern rhymes and stories introducing children to literature.





Enrolling your child in drama, acting or theatre classes for children in Moscow is a wonderful way to help them to build their skills whilst having fun. Drama classes for children help young people to feel more confident about speaking and performing in public. At the Magic Castle Talent Academy, we encourage growth and development through enjoyable learning, proven teaching techniques and public performances. Through our classes that teach drama for kids in Moscow, your children will learn how to communicate more clearly and in a more appropriate manner. Our teachers guide children through games, exercises and activities which will help them to manage and express their emotions. Drama for kids in Moscow will also use classical and modern rhymes and stories to help children to appreciate the magic of Russian and English literature. Children will also have the opportunity to develop their own stories and ideas as part of these drama classes. Classes in acting for kids in Moscow allow children to express their own stories using exciting new acting and performance techniques. Even if your child does not want to go on to become a professional actor or actress, the skills that they will learn in our drama classes for children are transferrable to everyday situations. Our classes teaching acting skills for children in Moscow help to boost attention span, logic skills, physical coordination, speech and expression of thoughts. If your child loves stories, rhymes, performances and improvisation, then they will love to join our classes in acting for kids in Moscow at the Magic Castle Talent Academy.