Why choose us?


Helps your child learn
about and experiment with

кулинарные классы для детей

Widens your child’s food
preferences and taste

Your child will feel
confident about cooking
for themselves and their

кулинарная школа для детей 4

We teach children to share
love through cooking

Children love to help in the kitchen. Mixing, cutting, turning inedible products into delicious dishes is so exciting!

Our cooking school with professional chefs from the UK and Russia offers classes in the afternoon and at weekends. The most important things is that we cook FOR REAL: first, second course and dessert. We bake, stew and steam.

What is more – we serve the food. We believe that serving the food nicely is part of the joy of cooking.

In our cooking school your child will learn to love and respect food, enjoy new tastes and aromas.




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Helping out in the kitchen is a real passion for many of the children in Moscow. Mixing, stirring and eating the end produce are pastimes that are loved by children of all ages. Develop your child's love of cookery by enrolling them in one of the Magic Castle Talent Academy cooking classes for children in Moscow. The Magic Castle Talent Academy cooking school in Moscow is run by professional chefs from the UK and Russia. Our trained UK chefs mean that we are able to offer special cooking classes for kids in English in Moscow. Cooking classes in Moscow are available in the afternoons and at the weekends, to enable as many people as possible to take part. During classes, participants will learn how to make first courses, main courses and desserts, so that they can create a whole meal for their guests. Children at our cooking classes in Moscow always get the chance to serve up what they have made, as we believe that serving the food adds to the joy of cooking! Our cooking classes for children in Moscow give children the opportunity to experience new tastes, textures and food flavors so that they can enjoy food even more. We let children try out a range of different cooking techniques, including steaming, stewing and baking, so that they can expand their repertoire. Building up cooking skills through our cooking classes in Moscow allows children to broaden their horizons and develop their creativity. You will be amazed by all of the delicious treats that they serve up for you.