Dance studio

Why choose us?


Professional, award winning teachers. Our teachers have been successfully participating in international
dance contests

A variety of dance styles from
folk for younger children to
hip hop, jazz modern and
street dance for children from
7 years old

Your child will love it. We
will make sure that your child
enjoys the classes

Impressive achievements. Our
children participate and win in
prestigious dance contests

Занятия танцами

Dance Studio for children is a chance for your child to explore a variety of modern dance styles from hip hop and break dance to contemporary.

Learning the dance techniques of different styles your child will find their own way of expression and will learn to control their body and move gracefully.

The goal of our dance classes for children is not only to discover their abilities but also to win dance competitions, take part in shows and concerts organized by the studio and open to the general public. Our children make dance a part of their life and their parents see how important it is for their children and how strong they become.





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The Dance Studio at the Magic Castle Talent Academy is the perfect venue for dance for children in Moscow. The studio offers a variety of different dance disciplines and courses; including ballet, hip hop and break dance classes for kids of Moscow. At the Talent Academy Moscow, your children will learn how to excel in their disciplines whilst also having fun and keeping fit. All of our dance teachers are trained in the best practices for the types of dance that they teach. This includes properly warming up and stretching for kids at Moscow dance classes, so that our participants do not put their bodies at any risk during their dance sessions. Flexibility and precision training is considered to be a highly important part of all sessions, but it is an especially important part of our ballet classes for children. Moscow has a proud tradition of excellence in ballet and dance, and we are here to help to maintain that tradition. We work on improving choreography for children in Moscow to create outstanding displays across a range of dance styles. Children who are enrolled in our classes will also get the chance to take part in shows, concerts and competitive dance for children in Moscow. At the Magic Castle Talent Academy, we nurture talent, enjoyment and skills, across ballet, break dance, and hip hop classes for children. Moscow parents can help to build confidence and ability through our professionally led dances classes for kids.