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We follow a classical chess
methodology that brought
up a number of world

шахматы для детей. уроки в Москве

Your child will enjoy every
class and will challenge you
to play

шахматы для детей. занятия в Москве

We participate in


Your child will build up
patience and analytical

Chess is a game for intellectuals and those who would like to try their brain at a challenging task. Learning the chess pieces, board arrangement, rules of the game and winning strategies – all of these are key elements in MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy Chess classes.

Mastering chess logic will allow your child to win chess competitions as well as succeed at school.






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If your child loves puzzles and strategy, they will love playing chess against their peers. Sign up your child for one of our chess classes for children in Moscow to help to develop their chess talents. Some of the world's greatest chess players hail from Russia and we are keen to keep creating world-beaters. With chess classes for kids in Moscow, your children can start to train their brain to think like a master strategist. The game of chess helps to boost children's logic, creative and problem-solving skills. Your child will soon start to plan two moves ahead! Our chess classes for kids in Moscow are taught by highly skilled chess players who understand the subtle nuances of the game. The teachers will tailor their style to suit each individual participant, in order to nurture chess talent. For total beginners, we are able to teach chess right from basic level, including; learning the chess pieces, understanding how to set up the board and knowing all of the rules of the game. For more advance players of chess for kids in Moscow, we will teach forward planning, great opening moves and winning strategies. At the Magic Castle Talent Academy we will also prepare your children for chess competitions for children in Moscow. These tournaments are a fun and exciting arena for children to show off their skills. Although we run some of our own chess competitions for children in Moscow, we are also able to help children to compete in events with partner organizations across the city.