MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy in Moscow is a unique opportunity for your child to enjoy a wide range of talent classes in one place on a convenient schedule. Talent Academy trusts that every child is gifted in many different ways. A chance to try anything is a dream come true for any child who enters MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy. From cooking to dance – your child is free to explore their talents, discover their individuality, confidence and creativity. A team of high-profile English-speaking professionals, individual attention to every child, a flexible schedule, energy and fun, an international environment and high-quality instruction makes MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy in Moscow a creative lab for children’s personalities, friendships and talents. Classes for children are a good way to develop kid’s skills. When children are young it’s so easy for them to learn new things. It doesn’t matter if they are studying math, language or learning how to dance or sing. During this period they develop these skills and in the future it would be easier for them to perfect their hobbies. If you don’t know what to do with a child in Moscow while your kid is striving to have some fun, you may consider a children’s center. We provide kids with fun and useful activities, they learn new stuff but still they participate in an educational process. Why classes for children are useful? Parent’s and kid’s schedules usually never match. Which means that when your kid comes home from school, he may get bored since he has nothing to do. Let’s face it, most of these kids never start doing their homework, unless one of the parents is home. So instead of doing nothing, kids in Moscow may have fun while participating in a fun and educational process. For example, Magic Castle Talent Academy offers you a full range of different activities for kids. There is a huge range of things for kids to do in Moscow. If your child loves science, you can choose a science class with cool but safe experiments. Kids can participate in a drama schools, or create a cool band while enjoying music classes. There are so many options of where to go with a child, you can even pick several classes for your child.   Among the classes offered by MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy in Moscow, Russia are
CHOREOGRAPHY Ballet Stretching Gymnastics Choreography DANCE Modern Dance Hip Hop Break Dance VOCAL Singing Band Singing Solo
MUSIC SCHOOL Piano Solfeggio Ukulele Guitar ART SCHOOL Painting Graphics Drawing Design DRAMA Flying Banana Drama School Russian Acting School
CHESS & Co Chess Non-Verbal Reasoning LEGO Robolab FOOTBALL   KARATE
LANGUAGES English French Chinese Spanish German Arabic Italian