Music Academy



Beatbox is the kind of music
that you can always make by
yourself without any
instruments. Beatbox classes
are also an ideal way to develop
breathing techniques that will
contribute to your health and



Classical Russian piano school is
well-known all around the
world. We teach piano in a way
that is accessible to children
from 3 years old, fun and
exciting as we play well-known
music pieces.



We develop the sense of
rhythm and give your child an
opportunity to participate in
concerts with our rock band.

Music classes for children from 3 years old – learning to play the piano, the violin or the saxophone is a unique opportunity for your child to get acquainted with a musical instrument, the joy of music making, making a melody from sounds.

The magic of music making will help your child discover their creativity, imagination a desire to express your feelings through music.

Music classes are taught to children individually and include learning solfeggio.

Piano – Ukulele – Guitar – Solfeggio – Music Encyclopedia from 1000 Ruв per class.

Are you looking for a music school for children in Moscow which teaches both modern and classical music styles? At the Magic Castle Talent Academy, we are able to offer children musical tuition in a range of musical instruments and styles, including piano, violin, saxophone and beatboxing! We are even able to offer ukulele for children in Moscow! At our children's music school in Moscow, we are able to offer tuition to children as young as 3 years old. Our teaching style offers children the chance to get acquainted with a musical instrument at a young age, so that they can experience the joys of making music. As well as teaching children how to play classical pieces, we also encourage children to create their own pieces. Through our introduction to Solfeggio for children, Moscow pupils are able to understand how notes work together to become melodies. Our music, solfeggio and beatbox classes for children allow children to develop their creativity and discover the ability to express themselves through music. The beatbox classes for kids and ukulele classes for children in Moscow help children to understand that anything can be an instrument, even their own bodies! If you are looking for something more traditional, piano classes for children in Moscow are one of our most popular options. All piano classes for kids in Moscow involve one-to-one tuition to allow children to work on their own strengths and weaknesses. Individual tuition gives children more flexibility in their learning, to allow each child to develop at their own pace.